About Me

I am a fifth year undergraduate at IIT Bombay pursuing a Dual Degree (B.Tech+M.Tech) in Microelectronics. I belong to Guwahati, a pleasant place in Assam surrounded by hills from all sides which gives me the weird Hindi I speak.

I love to sketch(long since I did last) and make ambigrams and logos which happens to be my passion. I am interested in puzzles and computer programming too. Web designing came to me as a double treat – designing and coding. I have been doing quite a lot of it lately – as freelancer as well as a hobbyist.

I recently picked up origami and photography as hobbies and am learning at a slow pace. A little while ago, I used to write and so, have put up some of my poems here too.

Certain sections in this blog are regularly updated (like ambigrams) while others at much slower rate (like poetries). Slower because either I have done that particular thing in a long time now or have stopped completely. Regular because I am infinitely passionate about it.

This blog is a window to my being. You will find here about my love of ambigrams, logos and some poetries which I once used to write and let’s see what else can I add.

As a person, I might not come across as very friendly at the first go but don’t give up on me too soon and you might find a nice friend. I m not unfriendly, just a little slow :P

without wax
Uttam Sikaria


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