Solving mathematical logical puzzles has always been my hobby. When it comes to brain storming, nothing is better than a good puzzle. Recently, I rediscovered my interest in puzzles and so originates this new section in this Blog.

Here, I will post the best of the puzzles that I come across. These could sometimes lead to lengthy discussions on the solution or an extended brain storming by the readers to get to the solution. All in all this will be a nice place to find some good puzzles, crack and them and let people know about it….


One thought on “Puzzles

  1. Hi Uttam,

    I enjoyed your blog and the ambigrams. The ICC logo was the best. Keep it up.

    Since you are interested in Puzzles and Symmetry, I thought I should share this with you. You may have come across this: the River Test: “There is an app for that”. But you can also find it on Google.
    The solution has a symmetry about it.


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